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Iqaluit Masjid enterance
Iqaluit Masjid side view
Juma prayer at Iqaluit Masjid
Muslim community members
Reminder about importance of prayers
Reminder about importance of prayers
Reminder about seeking knowledge
Iqaluit Masjid lake side view
Iqaluit Masjid lake side view
Local view in Iqaluit
Local view in Iqaluit
Local view in Iqaluit
Arctic sunset view in Iqaluit

Welcome to Iqaluit Masjid

A project of Islamic Society of Nunavut ® (2009)

Located in the far reaches of the Canadian North, Iqaluit Masjid is the first masjid in the territory of Nunavut. The newly built masjid is a milestone in Islamic and Canadian history for being Canada's most North-Easterly Mosque.

Islamic Society of Nunavut is committed to sharing the beautiful message of Islam, and gestures of goodwill according to its teachings in the Canadian North. The Masjid holds five time daily prayers, Friday & Eid Prayers, open-houses and other community events. The aim of the establishment is to facilitate the worship of Allah (SWT) according to Quran and Sunnah.

Current Prayer Timings

Azan Time

Congregational Prayer Time

Fajr - 5:00 AM
Duhr - 1:20 PM
Asr - 5:30 PM
Magrib - 5 Min After Sunset
Isha - 10:40 PM

Jumma - 1:00 PM

Note about prayer timings: Due to the Iqaluit's proximity to the North Pole there is an absence of complete dark during the nights in the summers. For this reason, based on various fatawa, the masjid leadership and community agree to follow the salat timings of the closest major city i.e, Ottawa for the purpose of daily prayers and fasting during the month of Ramadan.

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